Hall News

Greetings Everyone!

It’s time to get busy planning the 34th edition of the MANGG Module Meet. May 20th isn’t really that far away and this year’s edition of the Meet will be very special.

There have been so many advances in Module presentations, Model Contests and new products from groups, people and manufacturers – and they’re coming to our Meet! If you want to get a feeling for what will be in Augusta or you’re unable to make it to the Convention, come to Kimberton. You can see some of the award winning Modules and Models from the Kansas City and Houston Conventions. Check out new products from dealers that will also be attending Augusta (and remember, many of the manufacturers will be there, too).

As always, if you’re doing a get-together or know of a show that everyone should know about, send the pertinent info to us and it will be added to the show schedule page for all to see.

— Ray