Hall News

Hi Everybody!

Here’s the hall news for our 35th Module Meet. (Really — it’s the 35th!) First (and most important) is that the hall scheduling problems from last year were solved at the end of the 2017 Meet by agreement with our host, the Kimberton Fire Company. The hall is ours on our regular weekend! No excuses for not knowing the date.

The website is up and ready to accept registrations. Module Groups — try to contact me early as to what you’re bringing. Suggestions made after the 2017 Meet are changing my thinking on how the Hall will be arranged.

Clinics this year (as of right now — subject to change)

The Hall will open at 10 am on Friday. Both Bruce and I are again limited this year as to what we can lug around the Hall, so please bring some muscle and give us a hand.

Hoping this finds everyone Happy & Healthy.

— Ray