Hall News

Happy 2019!

Time to start working on the 36th edition of the Module Meet. Setup starts on Friday, May 17. Saturday the 18th is the primary day while Sunday is for tear-dow. All is ready with the hall and we’ll be seeing all of you before you know it.

The website is up and ready to accept registrations. Module Groups — try to contact me early as to what you’re bringing. Let me know early so I can plan for any special things that may come up.

Clinics this year are being formalized at this time. More info later. We already have one new Module group signed up.

The Hall will open at 10 am on Friday. Both Bruce and I are again limited this year as to what we can lug around the Hall, so please bring some muscle and give us a hand.

Some suggestions for food have been made and we’re checking those out.

Hoping this finds everyone Happy & Healthy.

— Ray