Who We Are...

What is the Mid-Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild?

We are a loosely-knit group of narrow gauge enthusiasts who reside mostly in the Mid-Atlantic states plus from Maine in the north and to the Carolinas in the south. Our extended “Family” includes members from Colorado to Eastern Canada.

Our interests are varied. Many of us are modelers who build in Nn3, HOn3, Sn3, On3, On30, G scale and other scales. Others of us are just interested in preserving the narrow gauge railroads that still exist in the United States. We may collect photographs, movies or videos that were taken of narrow gauge railroads when they were still active or are now tourist railroads. Our favorites are roads like the East Broad Top, the Colorado & Southern, the Rio Grande Southern, the Durango & Silverton, and the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes. We trace the history of logging railroads like the West Side Lumber Company or the McKelvey Brothers on the E.B.T. If it’s narrow gauge, someone in our group has information about it.